Nutritional Services for the Workplace

There is growing evidence that businesses benefit by investing in the wellbeing of their employees.

Consuming approximately one third of our daily calorie intake whilst at work means that the choices we makEats_OfficeSnacks_Featurede can have a big impact on our overall diet. By improving knowledge and access to healthier food and drinks at work, employers can support all workers to make healthier food choices and maintain health.


AB Food Nutrition can help you:

  • Develop nutritional services tailored to employer’s needs
  • Conduct nutritionist Q & A sessions in the workplace about healthy eating and hydration
  • Educate employees on how to understand food labels and use the nutrition information and colour coding to make informed choices
  • Provide content based on sound scientific principles about the food groups, tips to encourage a balanced diet – cutting down on fat, salt & sugar, increasing fruit & vegetable consumption and ways to reduce calorie intake
  • Analyse & improve the nutritional content of dishes offered in staff canteens and advise on healthier alternatives to confectionery and crisps for vending machines or meetings


 Click here for information on the Workplace Wellbeing Charter


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