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New food information regulations came into force in November 2011 and had to be complied with from 13 December 2014.  From 13 December 2016, it became mandatory to provide nutrition information on the back of pack for the majority of pre-packed foods, whereas previously, nutrition information was provided on a voluntary basis unless a nutrition claim was made.

Nutrient values can be produced using one of three accepted methods:

  • Manufacturer’s analysis of food
  • Calculation from the actual average values of the ingredients used to prepare the food
  • Calculation from generally established and accepted data

The mandatory declaration requires energy (both in kJ and kcals) and the amounts of fat, saturates, carbohydrates, sugars, protein and salt. Nutrition information has to be given per 100g/ml and can additionally be given per portion. The regulation also allows elements of the mandatory nutrition declaration to be repeated on the ‘front of pack’ and research has shown that over 60% of consumers look at front of pack labels1.


Nutritional information is increasingly being used on menus and menu boards, shelf-edge tickets and to accompany recipes in magazines, websites, cookery books and beyond. If more people are to eat healthier diets, they need to be able to make informed choices when planning meals or at point of choice, whether it’s for a special occasion or a mid-week supper.

AB Food Nutrition can help you:

  • Analyse your new or current products quickly and cost effectively just from your recipe (using calculation), and work with you by suggesting ways these can be amended to improve nutritional content or meet specific criteria
  • Provide a breakdown of the nutrient content of your foods or drinks per 100g/ml and per portion in a format that is compliant with EU labelling regulations including percentage Reference Intakes
  • Provide you with the nutrition information required to comply with the UK Governments’ front of pack nutrition labelling scheme at no extra cost
  • Advise on any nutrition and health claims including 5 a day portion guidance that you could use to market your products or recipes
  • Calculate and provide the nutrient profiling score of your products as required by Ofcom broadcasting restrictions (if advertising on TV during children’s viewing times). This is also a useful tool for you to determine the healthfulness of your products even if you don’t intend to advertise them on TV
  • Impartial advice on nutrition labelling and acceptable format during artwork creation of your packaging or menus
  • Provide and advise on content for articles, PR or websites containing nutrition information based on science

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