Natasha’s Law

If you are a business who produces foods which are prepacked for direct sale (PPDS), you will be required from 1st October 2021 to label them with the name of the food, a full list of ingredients and the allergens within it emphasised.

PPDS means food which is packaged at the same place where it is offered or sold before it has been ordered or selected by a customer. Examples of PPDS include sandwiches, salads, pasta pots, rotisserie products, free product samples that have been packed on site, packaged products sold elsewhere on a market stall or mobile site and it also covers those provided in schools, care homes and hospitals.

If you are unsure whether this new regulation applies to you and your business, check the Food Standards Agency’s allergen and ingredients food labelling decision tool.

AB Food Nutrition can help you:

  • write a legally compliant ingredients list with the allergens emphasised
  • liaise with your suppliers on your behalf to obtain all the necessary information to ensure the ingredients and allergens are accurate
  • modify an existing ingredients list when you change the recipe or have to substitute an ingredient
  • consider if a ‘May Contain’ statement is also needed on the label

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