BNF Healthy Eating Week in the Workplace 2016

The British Nutrition Foundation is running another Healthy Eating Week between 13 – 17 June. The purpose is to provide a dedicated week in the year where UK workers and school children can simultaneously focus on healthy eating and drinking, and physical activity, in order to encourage healthy living.

Promoting health in the workplace is not only beneficial to employees but also to employers.

Healthy Eating Week Logo Welsh

You can sign your workplace up for free and download the guide to help you plan and organise your Week and provide ideas to meet the Week’s five challenges (Have breakfast; Have 5 A DAY; Drink plenty; Get active; Try something new).

If you are interested in hosting Healthy Eating Week in your workplace and need some consultancy advice or assistance with your planning, contact Anne at AB Food Nutrition ( Here are just a few ideas we could help you with:

  • which foods & drinks to include in a healthy breakfast for a morning meeting
  • provide recipes for healthy breakfast ideas that you can email to employees
  • 5-a-day portion guides and tips to include more veggies in meals
  • work with your staff canteen to offer healthier meals and snacks
  • recipe analysis to provide calories for menus